Yvonne M. Wesa

Founder / Expert Short Sale Negotiator

About 17 yrs ago, before all of the Short Sale “rage”, I was drawn to attend a week-long training program in Dallas, TX on how to work with homeowners who are under water – homeowners who owe more on their home loan than the market will bring in a sale. It was quite expensive and intense. We were trained nearly 8-9 hrs for 6 days on how to assist and close these files. When I attended this program, my intent was to learn how to work with Investors who, at that time, were the negotiators working between banks and the homeowners. I came back from that program convinced that I wanted to assist homeowners directly, not Investors except as when they are our valued buyers. Investors are our predominate buyer now only because the Investor has the patience to wait for the process, and they know how it works. Shortly after that intense week, I attended another week of training in St Augustine FLA.

Like most agents, I was sure I was an expert and knew how to handle Short Sales. However, like most other agents, my first Short Sale 17 yrs ago ended in a Foreclosure. I determined that would never happen to me again. Like most agents, I blamed Bank of America for my defeat. I VERY rarely experience our clients going into Foreclosure these days. I have learned the systems, have developed relationships in the Executive or Escalation Offices of most lienholders and really do go into battle against lienholder abuse of the system. I realized after that first failure, it might have been Bank of America’s fault that I lost that deal to Foreclosure, but I will never really know if I also shared some of the blame. I think it might be 8 yrs since we have had one of our Active files be taken in Foreclosure/Auction. We are proud of that fact! My Processors are trained to be empathetic to our homeowners and to be efficient, patient, knowledgeable and to communicate regularly with all parties involved.

WE REALLY LOVE WHAT WE DO! It is more than a job. It is our passion!

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