Who qualifies for a Short Sale?

There are so many reasons why people are forced to consider a Short Sale. In my experience, every situation is similar but also unique. I have never experienced exactly the same situation twice in all of these years. The reasons are similar, but the lienholder or investor are always a bit different.


Delinquency from a divorce or separation, such as a dispute over ownership.


Being left with 2 houses, one or both of which are under water.

Poor Health

Extraordinary expenses as a result of you or a loved one becoming ill.

Loss of Job

Reduction in income resulting from the loss of a job.

Pay Reduction

A reduction in income from a garnishment, change in job, loss of hours or commissions.


Incurring additional expenses due to moving a household to a new location.

Military Orders

Military pay not being sufficient due to entering active duty status.

Increase in Expenses

Having incurred excessive debts in a single instance or overtime.

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